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I guess some people will think this is the first useful version -- it now supports streaming your local files (and navigating through them) as well as Internet streams. See config.ini for some example file shares (commented out) -- basically, you use "dir" instead of "url" to specify them.

Local files can be transcoded, just like streams. I almost didn't include this, because it should really be done in a different way, rather than using a method designed for live streaming. You may miss a bit from the beginning, and the image may be messed up at first. But, it worked better than I expected, so I'm going ahead with it. (MPEG files won't have this problem -- files with an ".mpg" or "mp4" extension.)
Ohhh, that sounds like what I'm needing. :)

Unfortunately, I'm away from the house for a week and can't play. :(
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