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The app runs at 640x480. However, this only applies to the menus and overlays -- HD streams will play in HD.

I think the menus and overlays look pretty good as is (apart from some cropping in the info bar, which is fixed for the next release), and HD HME is just slightly harder to work with (you can't set a background color on a view larger than a certain size), so I haven't bothered in this case.
Ok just checking. I know that the youTube app and tivos HD picture viewer both change the resolution.

As long as the videos are still in HD.

Can one check this if you configure the Tivo to output native instead of hybrid resolutions?? i.e. when you start the app, it runs at lower res, then when you view a hd stream, you can see the resolution change as well???
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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