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I just moved into a bigger house, and as part of that decided to do some upgrades and expansions of my Tivo system. I purchased a new Edge, and also got a couple of new Mini Vox units to go along with my trusty old XL4 and A92 Minis. My original plan is/was to create two totally separate MOCA networks - one family-friendly one with the Edge and the Mini Vox units for the family room, basement, gym and kitchen, and a second one with the XL4 for the master bedroom and the two offices. I put an asymmetrical 3-way splitter where the cable comes into the house - with the Cable Modem on "strong" leg and the Edge and XL4 on the other two legs, each with its own MOCA PoE filter, and each creating its own MOCA network - the Edge with the Mini Vox units and the XL4 for the old Minis. And shockingly, it all works . . . EXCEPT because the Edge and XL4 are both acting as MOCA bridges, they can see each other over the ethernet network and so all of the Mini Vox units can see the XL4 and the old Minis can see the Edge. Which is objectively speaking pretty cool, and props to Tivo for setting up so smoothly - but it's not what I actually want.

So what I'd like to do is to either silo the two groups as originally intended, or if that's not possible, I'd like it so that the Edge and the Mini Vox units either cannot access the XL4, or can only access it with a password.

Thank you all in advance for any help.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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