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HHD died on Bolt

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Tivo is replacing my Bolt under the extended warranty. However I will lose all my setting such as the season passes. When the new one arrives, is there a way to back up the season pass? I know it is too late for this time but it might save me time if this Bolt goes bad.
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It should still be on online.tivo.com. Take pictures and such, but you would need to recreate them.
Does it boot up now?

KMTTG can backup your OnePasses and Channels, which makes Setup much simpler.

kmttg also will back up and reinstall thumbs (good for TE3 Suggestions).
The Bolt has 4 lights flashing. Tivo said the HHD is bad. My mini can't access it and I can't get to it thru Tivo desktop either. Both say there isn't a DVR on the network.
The replacement Bolt arrived and I had to down grade it. Now I am having problems with the Mini connecting to it. Got late and went to bed going to try again on Sat.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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