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"Hey Paula"........Anyone watching this show ?

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Yes, another reality show. This one is following around Paula Abdul :eek:

I was walking pass our media room when I notice my wife and daughters watching Paula on The BRAVO Channel. I remember saying to myself.................."[email protected] how Bravo has changed over the years.

My wife and female children love this channel's programming . So I guess they are meeting their target demographics.

So........................Anyone watching :p

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My wife told me about it and I thought it sounded like a trainwreck (you know, the kind you can't look away from) so I set up an SP. However, the wife has been out of town for a couple of weeks and I have no interest in watching it myself, so they're just sitting there on the TiVo.
Yeah she's pretty much a trainwreck, oh poor woe is me Paula. I watch most of it with my mouth open in disbelief.
justapixel said:
Yeah, but this is a thread that people who haven't yet watched can participate in. That other one includes spoilers about episodes.
Paula seems to be hard on her personal assistants. I don't think they last very long in her employ.
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