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The House Telecommunications & Internet Subcommittee will hold an FCC oversight hearing July 24. What question would you like them to ask the FCC commissioners?

Here's my short list:
  1. Cable companies are not in compliance with Congress's 1996 Telecom law. Owners of cablecard devices want to know why their boxes are not permitted to change to channels that Cable company boxes recieve. On what date will the FCC submit to Congress the deadline for cable industry agreement with CE companies on a standard that will alllow reception of these blocked channels? (Especially switched video channels "SDV")
  2. Satellite companies are not in compliance with Congress's 1996 Telecom law.The 1996 Telecom law was specific that waivers can be granted for only a limited period of time, and only if it would give a new company time to introduce some new technology. It has been 9 years since satellite companies were allowed by the FCC to escape compliance with the 1996 law. By what date will Satellite companies be required to produce an agreement with the CE industry on a standard that satisfies the requirements of the 1996 Telecom law?
  3. AT&T U-Verse and other IPTV companies are not in compliance with Congress's 1996 Telecom law. AT&T U-Verse is also not in compliance with the 1996 Telecom law, nor did they recieve a waiver. What communications has the FCC made to AT&T emphasizing to them the consequences of non compliance with the 1996 Telecom law. Specifically, what punitive measures are planned in regards to AT&T U-Verse's flaunting of the 1996 Telecom law?
  4. What have you guys been doing for the last 7 years? Enforcing laws passed by Congress is not an optional activity. Why has it been 10 years since passage of the 1996 Telecom law and you still haven't figured out a standard for changing channels on Cable systems, let alone mandated a standard that third party manufacturers can use to access Satco, AT&T U-Verse and Verizon FIOS IPTV video networks?

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Amen, to every bit of that. I'd like to know when the FCC will start enforcing the law. Or maybe we should just stop enforcing the laws all together??? It seems that it's just too easy for the big companies to get out of doing what is for the overall good... just to make a few more bucks.

They really do not want the customer to have choices because it would be too easy for them to go elsewhere with their equipment. If Directv makes you mad then you could go to cable with your DVR and never loose a show or have to worry about compatibility issues.... what a great world that would be.
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