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I thought it might be interesting to have a thread on this

I'm glad they took out the whole terrorist storyline. In the commentary tim Kring said he was also glad he didn't have to deal with writing about terrorist for a year so it seems he agrees. In the commentary Tim Kring talks about how much he liked the actor that played the terrorist (the one they changed into Ted), maybe he should bring him back as a different character.

I really didn't like Matt's wife in the unaired pilot, they just didn't seem like a real couple to me, I'm glad they decided to recast her. In the commentary TK said that they didn't envision Matt's wife as having a very big part and when they decided to expand her storyline they found someone who had better chemistry with Greg.

The "dollhouse" shot when Matt goes to find the terrorist guy was really cool! It is a shame it didn't get aired.

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Go into the area where deleted scenes are on the first disk. It says Unaired Pilot.
I almost missed it. I was really thinking it would have been labeled better.

I watched the whole thing, then went back and watched it with the commentary.

WOW. I was very happy I bought this on HD-DVD. It was clearly a great job on mastering the original copy. PLus the story for the unaired pilot was like getting a free episode (which I guess it was).

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I had to come read this thread, we haven't started watching the DVD set yet, which we plan to watch the whole thing before Season 2 starts.

I'm still debating whether or not I want to watch the unaired pilot, but the commentary might be nice to see and hear!!
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