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First off, it's silly that I even had to do this. But I was determined enough to figure out what was causing this, and luckily I had success after some trial and error.

To override (disable) Tivo's automatic remote programming so you can use your own code do the following:
  1. Enable Developer Mode by going to Device Preferences --> About --> Build and click it a few times until it tells you that you are a "Developer".
  2. Then go to Device Preferences --> Developer Options--> USB Debugging and enable this option.
  3. Go to Network & Internet --> Available Networks and click your connected WiFi network to see what your Stream's IP address currently is.
  4. Download and install adblink
  5. In adblink enter your Stream's IP address in the "Ad Hoc IP" field.
  6. Click "Connect". You'll be prompted to accept the connection on the Stream itself - accept it and also remember the device if prompted.
  7. Once adblink reports that you are connected click "ADB Shell"
  8. Copy and paste the following commands in the terminal window:
    pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.uei.uas.tivo
  9. Once the Stream has booted, put the remote back in pairing mode by holding the Tivo + Back buttons for a few seconds.
  10. Once you have done this engage in a code search via this guide on Tivo's website or enter the codes from the attached images on this post.
  11. If you find a code that works (you can also enter codes manually) press the center select button to save it if you're doing a code search. If you enter a code manually it will automatically save.
CEC Bonus Fix
You can run this command to access the CEC menu to turn off CEC entirely and prevent your Tivo from waking stuff up:
am start -n com.droidlogic.tv.settings/com.droidlogic.tv.settings.HdmiCecActivity
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What can I do to reverse this and re-enable the TS4K's automatic remote programming? Does Factory reset do that?
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