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Help with wishlist search 9.1

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I am running into a problem with wishlist searches and wondered if someone might know the answer.

I want to create a wishlist search but I want to totally not include 1 particular station because they seem to repeat the keyword out of context in every damn program.

In 9.1 software I do:

boston public

then I do NOT 86 (the station number) using the thumbs down 1x
then I do NOT BPA2 (the station name)using the thumbs down 1x

It does not seem to work - the wishlist apparently does not consider the station or the call letters this way.

I have been doing this int he past by simply taking channel 86 off of my channels listing. But I do need to look at it sometime for work and it is a big pain in the but to keep flipping it on and off in the channels guide.

SO, is there a way to do a wishlist search and exclude a particular channel? I hope so.

Thanks in advance for any help
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