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First off I have read this post thoroughly: Read this if you want to use your Series2 DVR with a wireless adapter
I recently moved and decide to drop my land line phone and stay with cellular only. However after moving I did go through the usual guided setup with a LAN line at the new location before dropping phone service and the second call with latest software update. I purchased a supported adapter and router and got everything up and going, but no luck at all. I have called Toshiba & TiVo and both send me to the other person and no one has been able to help, even with having all the info ready. I have verified that my wireless router is working properly and that one can connect to the internet via the network adapter with a computer.

What I need is assistance in trying to figure out what is wrong and why my TiVo won’t recognize this connection.

I have tried both restarting the Unit with the adapter in, and re-starting it and then putting in the adapter. The adapter doesn't power on at all or anything once I plug it into my TiVo. What’s odd
Is that when I follow the Configuring My DVR to Connect to My Wireless Network directions, I’m done at the first step.

It says to: “Go to TiVo Central by pressing the TiVo button on your remote control; then select Messages and Settings, then Settings; then Phone & Network

When I go there I only get the Phone option no Network which has me very concerned.

I do get the little star line noting 'more info on using your TiVo on a wireless network', but no network option specifically.

If you see a screen called Phone Setup rather than Phone & Network Setup, the DVR has not recognized the wireless adapter that you connected. Check to make sure that your adapter is on the compatible adapter list.
My adapter is on that list!

Here is some basic info:

TiVo DVR: Toshiba SD-H400
DVD Drive Firmware version 1.300
Platform: Series2
Software version: 7.1b-01-2-264
Service Number: 264-0000-F024-9200
Account Status: 17: TiVo Basic (FT Possible)
Tivo Service Level: M:-
TiVoToGo: i,i,i
Wireless Adapter: NETGEAR WG111 USB 2.0
Wireless Router: NETGEAR WGR614 IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.11b/g
Computer OS: Windows XP Professional
Firewall: Zone Alarm

No Media Access Key listed on my machine as I don't have Full service TiVo.

I’m hoping I don’t have to upgrade to full TiVo service in order to receive this feature, but neither TiVo nor Toshiba were able to help me or answer my questions.

I’m pleading to you all for assistance in getting my TiVo going. My clock on my TiVo is now 15 minutes fast and I cannot ‘pick programs to record’ as I have no more guide info left. I really want to enjoy TiVo like I did before and although not wanting to do so currently, do plan to upgrade to full TiVo service once I can get it back working ‘Basic’ again.

Let me know what additional info is needed for help in solving my situation.



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What is the serial number of your adaptor? Did you notice the limitation showing that only specific serial numbers will work?

This info is at:


You'll also notice that Tivo has released their own wireless adaptor for use with S2 Tivos.

The hard wired adaptors work 'immediately' with my 540 series Tivos. If hard wiring it is even remotely an option, I'd do it. Who am I kidding, I did it :). I used Netgear FA120 USB 2.0 adaptors.

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Shawn95GT said:
What is the serial number of your adaptor?
That appears to be my problem.

Just picked up a NIB correct version of eBay this afternoon.

Thanks for the help everyone... don't know how I missed the serial number bit when I was shopping. Of course buying from newegg, no way to tell what the serial number would have been.

I'll be sure and post an update once I have the new adapter and as to how/if it's working.


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