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I have the Pioneer Series 2 Tivo DVR and always had it connected to the cable box via the serial port to change the channels...our new cable box does not have a serial port and so I am forced to use the IR Blaster, which connects to the Pioneer/Tivo unit via a minijack. I am now not able to change the channels with the Tivo remote, even though the Tivo unit itself is changing channels (I see that on the Tivo display) AND I can change the channels on the cable box with the remote control (so I know that the IR sensor on the cable box is working...). The IR blaster that I am using came from the cable company (Comcast)...has anyone had this problem? Any ideas on how I can test if the IR output from the Tivo unit is working?
Thanks for all help!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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