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My 40 GB Tivo-branded S2 SA units had its drive go bad, so I decided to upgrade my other 80 GB unit to a 250 GB, and pull an image for the bad one onto another 250 GB in the process. I downloaded MFSTools and used it on my Linux system -- no boot CD.

I tried three things on the 80 GB unit:

1. I pulled the image from the 80 GB disk, and used the "pipe" method in the Hinsdale HowTo to copy the whole disk, with recordings, and expand the swap file. It sat at "Welcome. Powering up..." for about 5 seconds, reboot, and repeat.

2. I used the "dd" method to copy the 80 GB drive to the 250 GB, and didn't expand it. Same reboot loop.

3. I put the original 80 GB disk, which has been untouched apart from copying, back in. Same reboot loop!

For the 40 GB unit, I pulled a small image off the 80 GB drive, and it works fine.

I've checked jumpers, re-seated, and checked everything I know how to. What am I missing?
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