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First, you will need to update your TiVo to the latest firmware before it will detect the correct IR Codes for the VIP 1200.

Once you have the latest IR Database, version 243 or higher, it has codes 10081, 10082, and 10083 which allows the TiVo to change the VIP1200 channels correctly.

The problem you will find is that the serial IR connectors are very weak in changing the channels and will give you trouble. I recommend one of 2 things:

1) Tape plastic knives to the IR Sensors, place one on the top of the unit over the USB port, and one on the bottom below the USB port. Altneratly, try placing them where some people think the sensors are (near the link led)

2) Go buy an IR Blaster that is compatible with the TiVo. I purchased one from smarthome for $12.99 that has double sided tape on it, which worked pretty well for me.

Good luck!

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I have had many difficulties with this and to save everyone the trouble I went through with multiple calls to Tivo support, feel free to follow my instructions.

1) Tivo suggested I buy a stick on IR Blaster cable and actually gave me a month free to pay for it. The one I bought was suggeted by Tivo and is from Smarthome. Item number 8170S, "STICK-ON IR EMITTER". It was $5.99 + $9.99 shipping.

2) Under the Channel Changing settings for Tivo use advanced setup and select the following:
Code: 10081-B
Channel Change Digets: 2
Enter: No

3) Remove the face plate of the AT&T VIP1200 device. It just snaps off from the right and left edges.

4) Locate what I am calling the "False IR Target". This is the black blub in the black rectangle right of the red light. This is NOT where to position your IR emitter.

5) Instead you will direct the IR emitter between the power button and the USB port where the face plate snaps onto the device. It seems just wrong, though I'm telling you this is the position that works.

6) Over these holes place the IR emitter.

7) I was unable to get this to work without taking off the face plate. Ultimately, I ended up taping on teh IR emitter so it would not move, and covered the very bright green light with tape as well. Now all is well, except for the wired look of my setup.
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