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I have a Seriers 1 Phillips TIVO HDR31202. Originally it had a 30GByte drive. A few years ago, I started having problems with the TIVO acting very slow and I thought it could be a disk problem, so I upgrades to an 80Gbyte Western Digitial disk and everything went well. Well, now two years later I am having the same slow action again. So I decided to try to upgrade to a 120GByte Maxtor disk.

I connected the original 80GB disk to hda as master and the new Maxtor 120GByte disk to hdd as slave. And booted from the CD on hdc. I used the MFS Tools 2.0 that I used a few years earlier when I upgraded the disk. Below is the command I used.

mfsbackup -aqo -/dev/hda | mfsrestore -xpi -/dev/hdd

Everything seemed like it went fine.

I then installed the new 120GB drive in my TIVO and it worked great at first. It showed the expanded recording time and all my recordings where in tact. But then it came up with "A Severe Receiver Error has occcured" message and said to leave connected to a phone line for three hours. I left it overnight, but there was no improvement so I disconnect the power and rebooted but this time it came straight up to the " A Severe error has occured" message. I checked all my cables and jumper settings and everything was fine. I then put in my old drive and it booted just fine.
Reading on the website, I read that you can not expand a drive that was already been expanded. So I retried without the -x command. That did not work either. I then tried the following to see if I could get the new disk working without my recordings:
mfsbackup -qso -/dev/hda | mfsrestore -s 127 -zpi -/dev/hdd

This time the TIVO showed I only had 32 hours of recording time. Again everything worked fine at first, but then I got the same Severe Error Message after a few minutes.
At this point I am not worrried about saving my recordings. I just want to get the 120GB disk to work properly.
1) Does anybody know the right command to use when backing up and restoring a disk from a disk that has already been expanded and restore from an original TIVO disk.
2) Can anyone explain exactly how many partition the disk can have and what the partition are and how I can tell if the partitions are correct and make them correct.
3) This may be a dumb question, but it concerns ISO images and burning them to CD. I made my original MFS Tools 2.0 ISO image from an older machine a few years back. I tried to download and use the latest MFS Live tools. But for the life of me I can not figure out how to properly burn the ISO image such that the CD is bootable. The computer I am backing up and restore is not connected to the internet. It is a Pentium running ME. I downloaded the MFS Live Tools to my VISTA Machine. I used MagicISO and EasyISO to burn an ISO image, but when I take that CD to my ME machine it will not boot from the CD. The ME machine boots fine from the CD with the old MFS Tools Image I did a few years ago. In addition, I double checked the Bios to make sure it boots from the CD. After you download the ISO file do you have to do something to make the CD bootable. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could provide clear instructions on how to burn the ISO file to a CD on my VISTA machine and and make it bootable on my ME Machine.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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