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Help with Digihome DV940B2 Remote Control

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I hope I'm posting this in the correct forum; if not I would be very grateful for any direction to or help reaching an appropriate thread/site.

My aunt (who is in her 80's) lives in Hereford (I'm in Toronto, Canada) and my cousin, who lives in London, dropped off and connected a Digihome DV940B2 to her TV for her. Her husband had it working, but didn't tell her how to switch back and forth between the Freeview and the analogue signals. My aunt absolutely will not call my cousin to ask how to do this (it's a matter of 'independence' - sigh) so now she can't get back to the BBC broadcasts. I've searched for a website that might give me access to the instructions for this remote, but had no luck.

I realize this is probably just a simple matter of pressing a button on the control, but I can't convince my aunt to just experiment. And of course, I can't try in person.

Thank you for reading this far, and please be assured that any help or guidance at all would be greatly appreciated.

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