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Just got Comcast Digital CAble hookup yesterday and we have been unable to use Tivo with it. When everything is hooked up we can get the Tivo signal on the TV; but no cable signal.

Temporarily, we have bypassed the Tivo and hooked cable box directly to TV and it works perfectly. Obviously, we are missing a step in the hookup with Tivo.

1. RF in from wall to Comcast box.

2. RF out on cable box to RF in on TIVO.

3. Red, white, yellow from to TIVO to TV.

What's missing? Please any suggestions...we are missing our Tivo, and you know the Comcast installer guy was WAY less than helpful.


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When you did the Guided Setup on your Tivo, what did you specify as your video source? And which Tivo inputs? You might want to repeat Guided Setup and be sure you're setting for the correct cable box using the Tivo's RF input.
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