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Help with a hard drive upgrade...

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hi folks!

i want to thank everyone for their imput on my post. a special thanks to HOMEUSER for his advice and direction. my question is answered and i am on my way to swapping out drives...!

much aloha,
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I suggest replacing your current drive with a new large one instead of swapping. This way if the large drive ever failed you could always go back to your old one.

The simple answer to whats needed is that you have to connect your old tivo hard drive and your new blank drive to your computer and boot off a CD that has the tools needed to make the changes.

I suggest reading the guide at http://www.mfslive.com/
pukashellgirl said:
thanks folks for the replies... here is what i would like to do and would appreciate any help in doing...

i would like to take the 80hr hd in one tivo unit and put it in my lifetime unit that only has a 40hr hd. can i just swap it out? i have read about clear and delete, do i do that before or after i swap the drive? again, thanks for any and all help!

much aloha,
If the first 3 digits of the model number are the same then the drive would be drop in. You will need to do the CADE to register the new drive with the TiVo before you can play or record anything.
supasta said:
Thats no good. It doesn't create a large swap partition or have a media partition over 274gb.
ciper said:
Thats no good. It doesn't create a large swap partition or have a media partition over 274gb.
Both do not apply here. I think all the OP wants to do is replace the 40Hour drive in the Lifetime TiVo with the drive out of the 80Hour non lifetime. I have conformation that both TiVo's are Series2 540 models. I do not see any problem doing this, the OP all-ready stated that they know about running the Clear And Delete Everything and that should be run after the drive is replaced.

Side Note:
If you sign up for Guru Guides or Kid Zone and make a couple of connections to the TiVo server a side effect is your season passes and wish lists are saved. Sometimes both are restored when the TiVo connects with the new drive.
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