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Help what should i do next

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well, I have tried everything and am asking for advice. I have an Hr10-250 with 6.3d on it plugged into a phone line. Every three days it becomes unresponsive and I have to unplug it and restart it to have it work. So, I thought maybe a bad hard drive.....bought a new hard drive and used instacake......still same problem. So, thought maybe it was the unit itself....bought a used Hr10-250 on ebay and what do you know....same problem. This unit is also 6.3d. So I now have two hr10-250's that become completely unresponsive every few days. When they are working they work great....just when I go to watch TV it is a complete gamble as to whether or not it recorded anything or froze. Really driving me crazy. Any ideas or other things I should try?
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Not sure but I have had to replace the hard drive and the power supply. Both acted similar with freezing video and audio dropouts. Mine seemed to continually get worse but it did record. I put 3.5 (no letter) on my hard drive with the new power supply and it works great.
I guess I will try downgrading the firmware...hate to lose the folder option but honestly not to have to check every morning whether or not the unit has frozen would be nice. Strange how both units are freezing....must be 6.3d?
soccerroo said:
I guess I will try downgrading the firmware...
Firmware? How is that done?
TyroneShoes said:
Firmware? How is that done?
I 'think' he means put 3.1 back on his machine. Unfortunately that means you lose everything and while I'd love the reliability of 3.1, we cant give up our 100s of hours of stuff on there.
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