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Help w/Netflix episodes not all there

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I'd like to watch the last 2 seasons of Medium via my Tivo streaming from Netflix.

When I go to the Netflix website on my computer the episodes are available. On my Tivo HD XL seasons 6 only shows the first three episodes and season 7 the first 2 episodes. The same is true on my Samsung bluray player.

1) Are these devices limited to displaying 100 episodes?
2) Is this a Netflix issue or a Tivo issue?

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Its the netflix app problem, but its easily bypassed, by viewing all the other episodes. You can go through then simply by opening each episode and either watch through or skip to the next tick mark then press left arrow to return to the menu, and repeat.

I did this with all 7 seasons of MacGyver and went through all episodes.
You don't have to open all of them. Just open one toward the end of the list and the list will reset to include the later episodes. Mine took about 24 hours to reset, though.

See this thread for a long discussion
This issue is a total slap in the face to paying TiVo users. There is no reason why they haven't fixed this.
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