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I upgraded from TD2.2 directly to TD2.5 (free version.) I'm using XP SP2.

The upgrade has created problems with playback of videos (both .tivo & .mpg from .tivo - haven't tried others) in WMP10. Did (free) 2.5 change my codec? What else might have happend?

Because there were not folders with 2.2, I place many shortcuts to videos on other drives in my tivo recordings folder. 2.5 complains (with red X) that the video was moved to another location and opens a folder when I double click the video's entry (right clicking 'play' also opens a folder; the folder does NOT contain the target video - it appears to be a random one.) What has changed with 2.5?

Also, regarding folders, I thought there would be some folder support with 2.5. I don't see it. How do I find it?

Please note: I don't have the TD2.4 installer, but do have the 2.2 installer. So I couold go back to 2.2 if that would help, but not to 2.4. Also, I prefer not to pay $25 for the full version and not to upgrade WMP at this time.

Thanks for any advice.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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