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Boy, these things never stump me... until now.

Here is my scenario...

- Coax Cable (no cable box)
- TV with Composite (R/W/Y) In & Coax In
- DVD with Composite Out & SVideo Out
- VCR with Coax In & Out
- TiVo Series 2

I currently have:

- Coax from wall to VCR Coax IN
- VCR Coax OUT to TiVo Coax IN
- TiVo Composite OUT (#1) to TV Composite IN

Wanted to add DVD... tried in addition to above:
- DVD Composite OUT to TiVo Composite IN

Can't see DVD at all. Is there something we need to "switch" the TiVo to the Composite IN? Am I missing something obvious?



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With the setup you have tune Tivo to channel 0 but I'd recomend the following:

Buy a Video switch box. There's various models out there some have remote control, other are manual. There's some threads discussing them. Also get a 2 way COAX splitter.

Coax to splitter, one split to VCR IN, VCR Out to TV. Second Split to TiVo, AV Out to AV Switch Input 1, DVD to AV Switch Input 2, AV SWitch Output to TV.

To Watch Live TV. Tune to the channel
To Watch VCR. Use VCR TV/VCR Switch and tune to Channel 3 or 4
To Watch TV. Select AV Input and select Input 1 on on AV Switch
To Watch DVD. Select AV Input and select Input 2 on on AV Switch

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I bought a switch when I got my Tivo to hook up my Tivo, DVD, VCR and PS2...plus I run everything through my stereo...
Once you've figured out which wires are coming from where, it's easy...and the switches are pretty cheap...
Your TV only comes with so many hookups...
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