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I bought my Series3 just as soon as I could and was lucky to get one on day one.

About 3 weeks ago when I was out of town my wife called because the sound stopped working, I told her I'd look at it when I got home. By the time I got home it started to work again.

It wasn't a week later that it stopped again, so of course I checked all my connections, but then I noticed that the sound effects in the menus and on SD channels still worked, but there was no audio from any channels. In my troubleshooting, I verified that there was no audio on analog OTA, digital OTA, analog cable, digital cable and CableCARD channels. No luck on any of them.

I also discovered that if I restart the TiVo, the audio always comes back. But lately I've had to restart it almost every day. I've also tried about every option in the audio settings and none have any affect. I hate the idea of having it replaced, since I'll loose all my recordings, has anyone else seen this?

BTW, I am using Moto CableCARDs with FIOS.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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