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I'm not quite sure where to take this, but for some reason my digital cable just "stopped" working last night. Tivo was fine, still working (wonderful as usual) So today I took in my digital box to exchange it, they couldn't/wouldn't tell me what the problem was, when I called for some phone tech assistance, they asked if I was using a dvr...I told them yes, TIVO, they said that was probably the problem. I assured them it wasn't. They asked why I wasn't using Suddenlink Cable (our local cable company who just bought out Cox) dvr. I told them because...IT ISN'T TIVO. She said it's the same thing, I argued the fact, told her it wasn't. She said it isn't compatible with suddelink cable. I told her funny, it had been for over 4 years (since I've had tivo). She tried to get me to switch to their dvr. I told her if I had to choose between Tivo and my Suddenlink digital, Tivo would win....HANDS DOWN. She still couldn't help me. I called "new customers accounts" and acted like a new customer. I asked if Tivo was compatiable with their digital cable system. They put me on hold.."No, it isn't" he told me. I told them, "that's funny, I've been using it for four years." They told me they were trained to tell people this even though it may not be totally true. IS THIS LEGAL?! Isn't there a fair trade or something? How can they monopolize this? Needless to say, my husband figured out whatever was wrong with their crappy cable, but I think somebody at Tivo needs to know this. Is this legal?
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