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I feel your pain, you can search for my posts - it sounds like we are both having the same issue. I called TiVo and explained to them how I had diagnosed the issue to the second tuner and they responded that they had never seen this issue before and agreed to process an RMA for me. Hopefully I will get that box next week and then I will be able to confirm whether or not my issue appears to be software or hardware related.

It may help you to go through the same troubleshooting that I wrote about so that you can confirm your issue is tied to the second tuner. At that point you can call TiVo for support and push for an RMA. You could also wait a few days to see what I come up with, if it turns out the new box acts the same then maybe this issue is software related and will be fixed soon.

For the time being, I removed the second cablecard and reran guided setup to configure my box as a mostly functional (I still receive an annoying amount of macroblocking) single tuner TiVo HD box.

Good luck!

- BitMonkey
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