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megazone said:
The DVR 1-2 switch doesn't have any 'hex code'. It doesn't send a signal, it is is an internal switch that changes the code page in the remote itself. Think of the TiVo peanut as two remotes in one body. Each remote can be set to a unique code page, which is that the addresses 0-9 indicate. All the switch does it tell the remote which identity to behave as.

So you can't program it into your universal. You'd need to program two identities into the universal and switch between them however it allows you to do that - IF it does at all.
To clarify for the OP:
Program them into a universal remote works fine, but as megazone says, you need to set them up as two different components - you can not program the 1-2 switch.

First set the "peanut" remote up correctly with the 1-2 switch, then just set the switch to "1" and program the universal for a "TiVo 1", then switch to to "2" and program the universal for a "TiVo 2".

This is for a learning remote - I have no idea how to do it any other way. :)
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