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Help my XL is failing

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I have been noticing what seemed like dropped frames on some channels. Yesterday my Premiere XL started freezing. I tried to check the DVR diag. screen but it hung on the please wait screen. After about 10 min I had to pull the plug. On the restart the freezing was still there. The freezing is on live, recorded and rewound TV. If I rewind and play back the freezing is not in the same spot but sometimes it will jump scenes in that area like it was never recorded. Maybe as if the hard drive failed or stopped during the recording phase. My HD unit does not have any of the symptoms.

I started the Kickstart 54 test at 2 PM yesterday to check the drive. So far it is passing but it seems to be taking forever. The conveyance test time said an est run time of 5 min but it was on 90 % and at 15 min when I shut of the TV to go to work. It is now 12:20PM and the off line scan is still running. The est run time was 340 min and it is at 971 min so far and still going. My question is this normal? DVR diag is good.

I need to know what to tell Tivo when I call.


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