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New to the Tivo world, I'm looking for some tips. I did my initial setup at another location (for the phoneline) and have now brought it home where I have no phoneline, just a broadband modem.

First off, is it possible to update the system w/o a phone line? If so, how do I do it? Here's my setup: Comcast modem; Mac Airport for wireless; Tivo unit starts w/ 540.

Can I simply buy a usb (like the tivo one) and be off and running?


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What version of software are you running... check under Messages/setup -- System Information....

If You have the newer version 7.x you should be able to set up your TIVO on your home network (wired or wireless) and pick up a compatible usb to ethernet adapter to connect the Tivo to your network.

Here is the FAQ's on all the above:

Adapters Page:
(links inside for additional adapters)

Wired or Wireless Network:

Configuring Network settings:
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