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Help in Dallas - Time Warner - 75248

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We are planning to switch from DTV to TW cable shortly as one of our DTV TIVO boxes died and we have older DTV dish & can't get all HD channels & are longtime TIVO fans.

I have read a lot of the horror stories here @ TW and wanted to know how things are in Dallas now. We live in Prestonwood (Far North Dallas Preston/Arapaho) area & I am wondering if we are still on old A/B system I am reading about.

We have a TW install scheduled & when I placed order I ordered 2 TW HD DVR's since I didn't want to buy 2 new TIVO boxes - yet - but plan to in next few months & then return TW boxes & just get cards for TIVO boxes.

Can someone give me an overview about what we should be doing. Can you have the TW DVR's & new TIVO boxes hooked up to same TV or is that not needed.

I am still not real clear @ the difference between the different TIVO boxes. We would like to be able to watch anything we record on any TV not just from the box connected to it, tell unit to record from the web but get HD channels.

Thanks much.
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Sorry - I copied this over to the Time Warner post.
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