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HELP haven't phoned home in 2 1/2 years

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Ok I just want to revist this subject.

1) I am a bad person, I have not phoned home in 936 days. I am really worried that my R10 will go bonkers and be unable to display '1000 days' ( four digits)-- I am rectifying this with a wireless conection...which means I don't know what is going to happen regarding upates

2)I have a bazillion messages that cannot be erased. Looking through the forums I guess my only cure is full clean and reboot. Everytime I try to view messages it locks up.

3) I assume the R10 is compatable with the TiVo wireless network adapter.

thanks for any thoughts , comments and or concerns
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1) and 2) You should have been deleting the messages every week or two. There's no way to fix the problem now - you'll need to do a Clear and Delete.

3) The R10 is not compatable with the Tivo Wireless adapter, or any USB to wired or wireless adapter as DirecTV's software disabled the port. The only way to enable the USB port is to solder a reprogrammed PROM on the motherboard, hack your hard drive in a PC running some Linux based programs and then reinstalling the Tivo hard drive.

Since this is a DirecTV Tivo - this message really belongs DirecTivo forum
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