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Help for the new guy

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I have a Directv Hughes DVR2. For reasons I dont fathom, it simply stopped working and rebooted itself. Its a computer, so I rebooted. High tech IT training is involved in that decision. However, it then hung. So, more IT skill involved, I told it to reset everything. I presumed that his is a format of the hard drive. Everything does as it should until it gets to detecting the signal. It gets a signal on the odd numbered transcievers, but squat on the even. I hooked up another straight up Directv receiver in that location and it works fine. The other receivers in the house are fine. Since this is a community of TIVO users..I expect you knw what a crisis this is for my viewing time. What are the best options on the cheap. Is it more likely to be the hard drive or the motherboard that has gone south. I have some experience in the guts of a PC. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Hey..its winter...I live in Maine...do the math :)

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Most likely the hard drive. Cheapest solution is to restore a known good HDVR2 image to a newly purchased disk. See the Upgrades section of the forum for pointers to tools to use for this., though you won't find a listing of images. An easy and inexpensive solution is the "Instant Cake" CD image sold by ptvupgrade.com which contains both the tool and the image in a bootable CD.
The rebooting is either a glitch in the software (data corruption) or a hard disk as Steve said. It's possible but unusual that the even/odd transponder problen is related to a failing disk. And I presume you have two inputs to the DVR2, even though you didn't say. And you only see odd transponders on both inputs, right?

Before replacing the drive, I would try a clear and delete all. That clears all the databases (and removes all recordings, season passes, etc.) Then you have to do a new setup, and see how it works. If, after that, you get more missing data or restarts, replace the drive as Steve suggested.
Thanks for the help. Thats pretty much what I thought. It is amazing how much you miss these things when they dont work. I will give it a shot.
Thanks agaon
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