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Help! DVD stuck in RS-TX20 and machine won't restart

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I put a DVD into the Toshiba RS-TX20 and the machine had a problem reading the disc. The display kept saying "loading" for an indefinite period of time. I tried restarting the machine, but I keep getting a screen that reads "powering up," then "almost done" and "welcome." After this, the machine restarts itself again and goes through the same screens. It will not startup and I cannot get the DVD out. Does anybody have any suggestions? Any help would be appreciated.


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I have just brought home a Toshiba but haven't played with it yet. I wqould suspect that there is either a reset button on the back or bottom, or a button that will mechanically open the dvd tray. I would sugget you read the manual carefully, especially if there is a 'troubleshooting' section. Good luck, and if I find out some concrete way for you I will repost.
Was just wondering if anyone had found a solution to this problem.

It describes the situation I find myself in exactly.

Dan :(
Well I thought I should report, my TX-20 finally fixed itself.

I unplugged the unit for about 10 minutes........then plugged it back in and left.

About 15 or 20 minutes later I happen to look over at the TV again and it is back on TIVO central. I immediatly go over and open the DVD and take that POS DVD out.

So my suggestion for anyone facing this problem.......unplug the unit and let it cool off some, then plug it in and just let it keep rebooting for a while and hopefully one of those reboots will get it all the way up.

If you have this problem, the DVD tray is stuck partially open. Use a paper clip and pull down the plastic cover (it is on a spring). You should see that the disc tray is not flush with the rest of the opening.

I was able to LIGHTLY push the tray in and resolve the problem. My TX-60 use to do this everytime a disk failed but hasn't happened since. :up:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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