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Help buying first Tivo

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I'm considering buying my first Tivo and I'm looking at a new Series2-DT. Is there ANY difference between the 80 hour and the 180 hour Series2-DT units, other than the hard drive size???

I'm thinking of upgrading the hard drive immediately after I buy the box (I'm a long time Linux user and it doesn't look very difficult). If the hard drive is the only difference in the 2 Series2-DT models, and I'm going to upgrade the hard drive, is there any reason for me to spend the extra money on the 180 hour unit? (i.e. does the 180 hour unit come with better hard drive cooling or something?)

I'm thinking that if there is no other difference, I should save money with a 80 hour unit since I'm going to replace the hard drive anyway. Plus there is a "web special" on Tivo's web site on the 80 hour unit for even more savings.

Also, what recording quality are the hourly ratings (80/180) based on? I'm guessing it's not the highest quality setting? Any estimate what the hourly ratings for those stock boxes at the highest quality recording level?

Any other suggestions for buying my first Tivo would also be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!!
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No difference at all except for drive size. The hour ratings are for the lowest quality setting. Assume about 1/3 that for "Best".
Opening the case to upgrade the HD will void your warranty but it probably will be cheaper than buying a larger TiVo.
Don't forget that if you buy a box from TiVo, you must also purchase a service plan with them that ties you in for 1-3 years. If you were able to find a box outside of TiVo, I think you can get a service-only plan that does not have a committment.

Folks, correct me if I have this wrong.....
Any TiVo subscription now carries an initial commitment of at least 1 year...
pdhenry said:
Opening the case to upgrade the HD will void your warranty but it probably will be cheaper than buying a larger TiVo.
I also had the exact question the OP is facing - 80hr vs. 180hr.

I went 80hr and popped the case open and threw in a new drive within the first week. Consider the warranty period for yourself, but this would be my suggestion.
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