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Hell's Kitchen - 8/22/11

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Damn, I wish Ramsey had gone back and watched the tape and called Elise out for flat out lying ... and then given her the boot.

But, Natalie needed to go too. She has been crumbling lately. Tommy, Elizabeth and Elise need to go too.

This is gonna come down to Paul, Will and Jennifer. Will and Jennifer have looked the strongest.
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Maybe I'm weird but sometimes Elise is kind of attractive when she is in normal clothes. But that mouth of her kills it. Elise should have gone home for lying about the wellingtons. Plus she's been up there how many times now for elimination?
Agree with the final 3 and final 2 predictions.

Elise should have gone home before Natalie.

Elizabeth sure spaced out during the service.

I couldn't figure out the time during the travel to New York.

Met Ramsey: 7am (guess) = 10am Eastern.
Ride to the airport: 11am flight = 2pm Eastern.
5 hour ride = 7pm Eastern.

We're now at 7pm and they were eating lunch at 11am to about 1pm.

Doesn't add up.
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I didn't care for Carrie, but I was hoping she would outlast Elise. I also wish Ramsey would have pulled out the footage busting Elise in that lie. I was really surprised at Elizabeth last night. No way in earth could she manage a kitchen right now as she was completely lost. Tommy is a moron and I'm sure he'll be the next to go although I'll be hoping it's Elise.
Yes it does - they went on the tour the next morning, then took an afternoon flight back and had service the next day. Not everything is completely linear on this show.

I knew Elise wasn't going (sadly), because she creates conflict, which creates entertainment. She won't win it, but she'll be there as long as it makes good TV. Could you imagine working for her??? :eek:
I, too, was not pleased that he didn't bust Elise in a flat-out lie. He is usually pretty tough about that kind of thing. I also agree that she will stay around a while to provide the drama. It must suck to be everybody else who has to work with her. I have a feeling, if she lasts the next week, she will be gone very soon after they all become blackcoats.
have they had 1 good service yet? Seems like by this time other seasons have it down pretty good.
How did Natalie fall so low. She was a rockstar early on and then 3 straight challenges she fell off the horse. This season its been obvious that none of the contestants would even qualify for sous-chef if I were hiring at BLT.
Elise = hated =-RATINGS

The producers will keep her around as long as possible. She can't win, because some viewers will get pissed enough to stop watching. I think she'll last till the final 5 or so. It's got to suck if you're on the show and have to stomach her going on while you're going home. Then again, this show has never been about cooking skill.
I would not be surprised if they keep Elise on until the very end just for the spectacle of her running the pass.
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