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Big Deficit said:
Compared to the people on Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen's contestants are not much more than dish washers.
I disagree with that to a degree. All Top Chef does is essentially have them design dishes and cook them. You never see how they would actually manage a kitchen for the most part, and I think that is a pretty significant deal, where a lot of people on Top Chef would fall down, just like they do on there.

I think there is a lot more to being a chef than just being able to create ridiculous dishes.

Anyways, as for Hell's Kitchen, I would like them to have more viable canidates. I have been saying for a while there is no way Rock would not win. Because Ramsey was going to pick the best person, and it was not even close. They need to have some canidates with the same level of experience and knowledge so at the very least the finale is not a foregone conclusion.
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