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I couldnt find a particular forum to post regarding an HDVR2 with a HHD that is going bad, i hope this is appropriate.
I need to know...
How do i test the drive in the unit now.
The issue...the unit is freezing occasionally and sometimes makes and odd clicking sound. It then usually powers down and restarts, then works fine for a periods of time, then acts up again...sometimes in 15 minutes, sometimes it takes hours.
at times the freeze will only last a second or two and then everythign returns to normal. Sometimes the picture just pixelates. Sound always goes away when acting up.
This happens wheterh watching live TV or a recorded show.

I thought it might be a heat issue, as the fan was fairly dirty, so i opened the unit and blew out all the dust.

Is there a way to pull all my currently recorded shows off thisdrive before it fails completely and how to format and copy the show on to the new drive.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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