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Hello all:

Twice in the last month, I have found my DirecTiVo clicking in the morning.

The picture is frozen on whatever channel was tuned in at the time.

The unit is unresponsive to the remote.

If I reboot, it seems fine. The first time I was hoping it was a issue with a software update or something...this time I cannot find anything that might have happened overnight to cause it.

I'm ASSUMING it is one of the harddrives.

HDVR2 with original 40GB drive plus 80GB Maxtor from weaknees. Original unit is about 2.5 years old, second drive is 14 months old.

Any thoughts?

Options to test without taking the unit apart?

If one drive is bad...thoughts on replacement?

One option is to replace drive(s) with new one from weaknees

Second option is to replace unit with R10, move original unit to basement for viewing and modifying software

I'm interested to hear your thoughts.



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One of the drives have gone bad.

You could replace both of them with one single larger disk (since the DTivos now can see up to 500gb single drives).

No need to go with Weakness if you know how to tinker with PC's and can follow an instruction chart. You can get the images of the OS from multiple sources.

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Thanks for your thoughts.

It is an option...I have thought about doing it, I just know I have to keep the "downtime" to a minimum...we only have one TV on DirecTV and my family without TV...I don't even want to think about it!

Any suggestions about the best place for the OS?

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