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Been reading this thread and have a couple of questions for those that have done this before.

- I have an HR10-250, was in the first 200 from Value Electronics
- Drive failed just after warranty
- Replaced with two 300gig drives from weaknees
- New drives worked fine, no noticeable speed difference upon start up
- Now experiencing the stutter a little more often each month
- less than 20 SPs
- on Travel a lot have about 40 shows recorded at any given time

So my questions are:

- will the C&D clear/help the stutter or is that just a symptom of a failing drive
- I do not remember seeing the C&D as an option in the menu; am I just missing it? (am on travel right now and can't go search)
- If it is not a menu option how do I do it?
- What are the risks?

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