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Have you had an HDMI Failure?

  • No failure - In service for over 2 weeks and going strong

    Votes: 863 44.1%
  • Had Failure on 1 unit - Made in USA

    Votes: 223 11.4%
  • Had Failure on more than 1 unit - Made in USA

    Votes: 83 4.2%
  • Had Failure on 1 unit - Made in Mexico

    Votes: 291 14.9%
  • Had Failure on More than 1 unit - Made in Mexico

    Votes: 74 3.8%
  • Do Not have HDMI/DVI Connection - Don't know if it works

    Votes: 421 21.5%
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I own two HR10-250's.....I have had a total of 4 delivered so far....2 have been returned....one due to a total hard drive failure.

Of the two now in service....1 has had a HDMI failure and is being held for replacement, voluntarily by me, until there is some sort of a physical hardware or software fix applied and known by DirecTV.

The other unit now in service is working like a champ...but that is only 1 out of 4.

All were born and bred in the USA....the only one that is working perfectly is a replacement from DirecTV and has a birth date of April 1. Go figger.

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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