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Hi all,

I have been with Tivo since the beginning, even switched out of DIRECTV when they dropped Tivo. I have several boxes and many Minis.

My sacred Roamio Pro holds my important recordings and contains my one and only cable card. Rest of TiVo’s are OTA, Premerie, Roamio OTA, and Bolt 500 GB in OTA mode. All of them have Lifetime/All-In.

I moved my Roamio Pro to a new location and now I receive the above info. I know HDMI connection works because I can see the menus. I know the box works because it records all my season passes and its tuners can be seen on my Minis.

So I called Tivo. Did the obligatory swapping cables, using the one I had in my 4K Bolt + box, etc. Even switched TV’s and inputs. Lastly, I upgraded to Hydra and now back down, after I transferred my shows on Tivo Online.

What’s frustrating is the box works well and does what Host device should. I just can’t see the picture on the TV that it is connected to. The HDMI Status reads: HDCP not enabled.

I know this is a known issue. Has anybody solved it?


Appreciate any insight because I dont want to give up on it.
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