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HDMI Cable

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I bought a HDMI cable to go from my Premiere to my 10 year old TV that does have HDMI support and when I power up the Tivo I get the starting screen for about 5 minutes then the screen just goes grey. Any thoughts?
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I have a similar problem on my - relatively new - Sharp LCD. If the TV is on when the tivo reboots, I end up with a gray screen of very fine what we used to call static. My solution - either turn the TV off and then on, or else cycle through the TV's inputs.
Just a guess... but could it be the TIVO resolution is not compatible with the TV over HDMI? After you get to the Grey screen, try pressing the FORMAT button on the front of the TIVO (right side) and waiting about 30 seconds. This will cycle thru the various resolution settings on the TIVO...
It's probably an HDCP error - happens often enough. Turning one off or the other re-starts HDMI negotiations and things should be fixed.

Or the solution everyone else uses - use the component connectors.
Me too... brand new TV yesterday, get the tivo welcome splash screen then no signal. No amount of rebooting/switching is changing anything. The HD Tivo was hooked up to an older rear projection with component. I can go back to that, but wanted to use the variable out on the tv for control. this really sucks.

Swapped this tivo for the HDXL in bedroom that is using HDMI, and it doesnt work with that tv either. Is there a fix for the obvious crappy HDMI out on the tivo.... besides buying a new tivo?
The HDMI out tytpically works fine on the Tivos. Perhaps you got a lemon, or there is a problem with your TVs HDMI input. I've personally never had any HDMI problems from my TiVos with the dozen or so HD sets I've used them on.

have you tried all the HDMI inputs on the TV? Sometimes there can be issues with one or more HDMI inputs on the HDTVs.
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