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HD upgrade scheduled - what can I expect?

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Hi! THe installer is coming next week to install the OTA and the HD DVR. I have two coaxes lines running to the Directivo I have today. I am assuming the installer is going to run one more coax to the antenna input of the HD DVR? Is anything else going to be done? Just trying to understand what the installer is going to do. I have a 3 LNB dish today.
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That's should be about it! I had mine done y-day
How big is the OTA and is it fixed right on top of the Dish? Are you lucky to get many OTA channels? Did the tech have an idea if you were going to be able to get any channels since he probably done other installs in the area?
Any idea how far you are from the towers? If not, www.antennaweb.org will tell you. There have been mixed results on that antenna they give you. I dont know much about it except what people say on here. I'm 40 miles away and had to buy a bigger antenna to put on the roof. If you are close (10 to maybe 20 miles) and have a great line of site, maybe the DTV one will work.

I'd make sure you try it out before you sign paperwork. If he can't get it working to your satisfaction, dont sign, make him take it back and get your money back. A lot really depends on your topography and distance so no one can make recommendations until we hear what they are.

Also my guess is he will use a diplexor at the dish and then at the HDtivo so he doensn't have to run a separate antenna wire. That can be a problem too. That's why you need to check every channel you want before he goes in order to minimize problems.
They will probably use diplexers for the OTA. The installer for my HD-Tivo tried to charge me $25 for each diplexer ($50 total) stating that the diplexers aren't covered in the standard free installation. I told him to just run a separate cable instead. The generous guy that he was (sarcasm), he decided to throw them in for free even though he gave some sob story about having to pay for them out of his own pocket. Besides that the installation was uneventful, the antenna and diplexers work great, and I am over the guilt of taking food off of the installers table for the diplexers :).
I am about 20 miles give or take from the main ones, except ABC that is close to 30.
The installer will need to run two more lines from the dish so that your HDTiVo will work. Even if you plan to replace your current DVR with the HDTiVo, have a total of four lines run from the dish + the OTA one. You may want to use both and you'll need four lines for that.
Sorry I should have been more specific. I have a Directivo today with two lines running to that reciever. In addtion to that I have two other receiver that we are going to keep as is. I am just starting to get cold feet since I am not sure I will be able to get any good reception with the OTA antenna they choose to install.
may work....just stand your ground and dont sign if it doesn't. Even call directv while he's there. It's awkward, but you are paying aren't you? :)
The bottom line is that you need five lines from the dish/antenna location into the house at a common location. This is where the 5x8 switch should be located. Then you distribute to your various receivers. Then scope out where lines need to go, even go so far as to drill some of your own holes and fish a line to make it easier for the installer.
I just went to antennaweb.org and according to the site, i should not get any channels at all now. This is not looking good at all. Previously it state I should be able to get HD channels. Do not know what has happened. I do live at the bottom of a hill, but paralell to a bigger highway...
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