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Originally posted by smith13
Canton is south of Grand Rapids and at least 50 miles apart.
Actually, Canton's about 20 miles west of Detroit, and nowhere near Grand Rapids.

Mark - You may not need a large roof antenna, but your chances of getting consistent reception will be greatly increased if you replace that Terk POS with a good directional antenna, pointed toward the northeast. If you can avoid it, don't use diplexers - just route directly to the TiVo.

I'm in Royal Oak, fairly close to all the transmitters, yet I've had trouble getting consistent reception here. I mostly blame multipath, but I have noticed that weather can change reception, too. Rain and wind seem to multiply my multipath problems.

I've tried several antennas on different height masts, and I can tell you that changing antennas does make a difference. I've finally settled on the ChannelMaster 4221, which is slightly less directional than the yagi antenna I was using. For your location, I would expect either the 4221 or a UHF yagi to be satisfactory also. It's not very "large" ;)

See the "Official AVS Antenna Topic" at the top of the forum leesweet referred you to for more extensive advice
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