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mwinn said:
Thanks for the help from everyone. I think I will need to go with an attic antenna as
1. I don't want a large mast on the roof.

2. Although probably not legal the HMA says you can only have a dish at the rear of the house and no other antenna.

I like the way the square shooter looks, but again it would then have to be mounted to house with another cable running down the side of the house.

BTW, I tried the Zenith Silver Sensor this weekend. It actually worked pretty well except for the fact it requires re-aligning each time you want to look in a new channel. This of course will not work with HDTIVO.

Any recommendation on the best attic antenna, and a good installer in the Canton area?
Wow - my guess is that this will be too late to help - but the square shooter absolutely solved all of my problems.

You can mount it directly to you HDTV dish with an extension bar - and you can diplex the wires together so that you will not need to run any additional coax. It is very easy and simple to do. Hope this helps you.
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