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HD Directv to series 1 via serial connection?

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Hi All,

I have a Sony SV2000 series 1 tivo and would like to hook it to a Directv HD reciever via serial connection

I do realize it wont record in HD but some of directv stations are still SD.

If none exist is there a recommended model reciever that i can connect via IR blaster?

Thanks in Advance
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Check for DirecTV HD receivers in this thread.

Also, have you considered getting a DirecTV HD DVR, either the TiVo version (HR10) or the non-TiVo (HR20)?
What is the model of the Directv HD Receiver you are wanting to connect to the Series 1 Tivo unit?

Using the IR Blaster you can do this. As for using Serial, it depends on the model of the Directv HD Receiver.
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