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Have dvr80; need to add 2nd dvr

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I have had a hughes dvr80 for the last 18 months. I am adding a second tv to the house and I'm wondering about what to get as a second dvr. I was planning on going to best buy to pickup whatever they have (r10 which the best buy web site say they have in stock near by) but I was also hoping to network them. I understand that the r10 does not (easily) support MRV. Should I be looking for a different dvr? Thanks for any advice. -- Bud
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Check out http://www.valueelectronics.com/ they may have some pre-R10 DTivos left. If you don't see one on the web site, call them, they may still have some HDVRs and Sammys left.

Good Luck,
Well I ended up with a r15 from Best Buy. The first one was DOA -- bad receiver. So far 2nd one is OK. Need to get used to menus. First words from my wife -- "why isn't it the same as the one downstairs?". I like the speed...
bbach said:
-- "why isn't it the same as the one downstairs?".
Because it isn't a TiVo. :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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