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Ok, so not too long ago, we switched our broadband to FIOS. All went well, no big deal, wireless network up and running. Also on network: two "hacked" directivos communicating nicely with one another and central media server over said wireless network, both connected to standard screen tvs.


It's time to go to HD, I think, and I'm contemplating the tv purchase. In advance of it, of course, I am going to need some sort of HD signal, which is going to require a change in my setup.

I can think of a few options, but my one bedrock principle is that TIVO MUST STAY. I don't want no stinkin' Verizon DVR. So, keeping in mind that I will want to watch TV via tivo, here are the options I can think of, in no particular order:

1) Keep DirecTV, get HD Tivo boxes through weaknees (DirecTV still isn't selling them direclty anymore, right?) get oval dish, forget FIOS TV exists.
2) Switch to FIOS TV, get HD box through them, but WILL THIS WORK WITH TIVO? I obviously get it's not going to work with a DirecTivo box, but I presume I can get some kind of dual tuner HD standalone tivo. Getting an HD DVR through Verizon is a non-starter. (Edited to add: I see we're up to series3 standalones that will take a Verizon cablecard. Is this my play under this option? Don't like higher monthly price for service, nor high initial cost of equipment, but if this is best, so be it.)
3) Get OTA HD content only, keep non-HD DirecTivos, everything stays the same
4) Get DirecTV HD content, switch to separate input for non-tivo HD content through what I presume will be either some kind of directv DVR or a regular ol' direcTV set top box.


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Dump DirecTV and get FIOS with a series 3 Tivo and cablecards. I did and couldn't be happier. :D Depending on what Verizon charges for cablecards in your area, a prepaid 3-year plan with Tivo and the cablecard fees will be about the same price or less per month than Verizon's HD-DVR. 'nuf said. ;)
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