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Have a Premiere XL and am about to move - can I get DirectTV?

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A year ago I moved into an apartment that didn't allow for DirectTV, so I had to give up my service I had since 2003 for cable. I went back to Comcast, and the DVR was so poor I bought a Tivo Premiere XL last year when I had moved.

Now I'm moving again into a new place that does allow for DirectTV. To be honest I prefer DirectTV's programming and HD quality, but I now have this nice new Tivo I bought last year (I'm month-to-month, not lifetime) that I'd like to take with me and continue to use.

I know for a period of time years ago you could not use Tivo and DirectTV together. I also realize that some things have changed and that you can now use Tivo with DirectTV.

is this a seamless transition? What do I have to do to make my Tivo Premiere XL box work with DirectTV? Do they send me a card like Comcast does to put in the Tivo?

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If I cannot use the Premiere XL with Direct TV, can my Premiere talk with the DirectTV Tivo so that I can share programs between the two? I may only get one DirectTV receiver, but I have two televisions.
You can not use the XL to receive Direct TV programming. If you got the direct tv tivo, you should be able to copy between the two boxes, and then of course you could also see if you get any antenna stations on the XL... If you do, that will be the best uncompressed HD.
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