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Hauppauge HD PVR + TiVo Premiere

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Hey Guys,

After lots of reading, I think that the stated combo will work best for those of us with cable companies that block everything! It will also work great for clearing up space on the Tivo Premieres' measly 320GB (45HR) hard drive.

Is anyone using both with success? Would I just need to hook up component cables from the Premiere to the Hauppauge HD DVR? Or do I also have to run component cables to the TV from the Hauppauge unit as well?

From there, it's just a matter of hitting record on the Hauppauge unit once a show I like is on? How big is the Hard Drive in the Hauppage and how much content can it store? I then have to disconnect the unit and bring it over to my PC/MAC and transfer the footage via USB? Finally, I would do a file conversion for playback?

Thanks in advance for any input/info! :)
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Hauppage doesn't have a hard drive it acts as a intermediary so your PC can record the footage. You would connect the tivo to the happauge which would be connected to your pc. Put what you want on the tivo and use the hauppage software to record the tivo output.

I used one as a DVR for two nights and as a DVR its not reliable enough. For what you are using it for it would work fine.
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