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Sort of curious...I’d never seen this until fairly recently, maybe after an update, but my Tivo Bolt started sort of micro-stuttering pretty frequently. Hard to explain, but very obvious to me (family can’t see it, but I’m used to people claiming wrong aspect ratios and who knows what else “looks fine”). A character will turn around or turn their head or some other movement, and it has to envious sort of stuttering.

for the heck of it, I tried switching my Tivo to use just 1080i, 720p, and 480, to see if it was introducing a problem when scaling it, and...that fixed it. Obviously that introduces a few seconds of blanking out when the tv and Tivo are renegotiating, but the stuttering is gone, so since I’ve never noticed this before in the 4+ year I’ve used my Bolt, I’m guessing a software update somehow screwed up its scalling?
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