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Looking for help controlling both the Bolt and Roamio (both in same cabinet) with a Harmony Ultimate remote. (**not Harmony Elite)

Currently, when I press a button on the Harmony Ultimate, the LED lights on both the Roamio and Bolt light up, indicating the command is being received by both units.

I have the Roamio for cable TV and the Bolt for OTA.

The Ultimate can send RF, IR, and Bluetooth commands.

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If both are receiving the IR, then the remote is sending the generic (all, remote address 0).... You need to program the remote for a different remote address (non-zero, 1-9) and assign a different address to each Tivo through the System Information screen.

An example of how to set a remote is :

How to control a Roamio and an older Tivo with only the Roamio remote.
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